Sen. John McCain said that if Congress passes the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill, which provides a path to citizenship for illegal aliens, and the president still does not enforce the border “we’ll go to court” to force him to do it.“We have the court system. That’s the way our government runs. If the executive branch does not enforce laws, then we can go to court and make sure tat those laws are enforced,” McCain said Tuesday while participating in an immigration town hall.

“The fact is that if we pass this legislation, we will exercise congressional oversight number one.  And number two is, if the executive branch is not enforcing the law, then we’ll go to court and I have confidence the courts will make them enforce the law.”

McCain criticized the rationale that securing the border must be done before the nation’s immigration system is reformed.  “If you use that logic, which people are saying, ‘well, don’t pass legislation because the president won’t enforce it,’ then let’s not pass any laws.”

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