What we need is more regulation, because without proper federal oversight, we make all the wrong choices; spend our money indiscriminately, use too much energy, pollute the planet, eat the wrong things and generally misbehave. Basically, we are what’s wrong with this country.

And how is all this misbehavior measured? Well, by “independent nonpartisan studies”, of course.

Take this recent study for example. It looked into food expiration dates. The study of food expiration dates was conducted by Harvard Law School. Law school? Yes, they have a food law and policy clinic. Of course they do. It was done in conjunction with the partisan free Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). They are an environmental “action” group and we all know “action” is good.

Glossary of terms: When you see the word “action” describing an organization, 9 times out of 10 it is liberal. Just a little tip.

Anyway, the study found that 90% of Americans prematurely tossed out food because they don’t properly understand the “use by” or expiration date.

The study also cited that 40% of all food is wasted for the same reason. That figure was confirmed by the Department of Agriculture (naturally).

They claim that the “sell by”, “use by” and “best before” labels simply confuse people. To this, the report found: “It is time for a well intended but wildly ineffective food date labeling system to get a makeover”.

The lead author of the study Emily Broad Leib said, “The dates are undefined in law and have nothing to do with food safety”.

Off-topic alert: have you ever noticed how many liberal women have three names? I’m just saying.

Leib continued saying, “we are pushing for a coherent reliable and consistent system for consumers… to standardize across products and across dates.” Maybe she should’ve said we are nudging.

This is what we need – another federal government regulated “national standard”, like say, Common Core.

And who will determine the standards? I vote for that culinary expert Michelle Obama.

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