By:  Rusty Weiss

At the very least, it’s the biggest ‘fake news’ story since “Hands up, don’t shoot” entered the mainstream consciousness.

The American media has embarked on a coordinated effort with Democrats and President Obama to push a false narrative about the election, and delegitimize the presidency of Donald Trump.

The ‘fake news’ story they’re running with? Telling the American people that the election was “hacked” by “the Russians.”

It was not. The phrase “hacked the election” has no meaning.

Anybody who has been paying attention knows that any information released by WikiLeaks during the 2016 election involved emails from the Clinton campaign and the DNC.

First off, WikiLeaks has repeatedly explained that the Russians were not the source of their information. Second, even as Obama imposed sanctions on Russia for their alleged interference, the White House has yet to provide any actual proof behind allegations that Russia both hacked into Democrat emails and distributed them via WikiLeaks to the American people.

Even if the first part turns out not to be true, and the second part is proven …

This is not even vaguely equivalent to hacking the election itself. Russia didn’t “hack” any voting machines and change vote counts.

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