Are we shaking in our boots?   Mexico’s foreign minister says he will go to the United Nations to defend the ‘human rights’ and ‘due process’ of Mexican citizens in the cross-hairs of the Trump administration’s position on illegal immigration.   Seriously?

If you’re here illegally – you get sent back to where you came from.   We have a legal immigration process – abide by that and you can become an American citizen.  Period!

CNS News reports – Mexico’s foreign minister says his government will seek the intervention of the United Nations if necessary to defend the human rights of its citizens caught up in the Trump administration’s tough new approach to illegal immigration.

Speaking on the eve of Thursday’s meetings with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, Secretary of Foreign Affairs Luis Videgaray said at a meeting with officials from the U.N. human rights office that Mexico “does not have to accept provisions that one government wants unilaterally to impose on another.”

“The government of Mexico will act by all means legally possible to defend the human rights of Mexicans abroad, particularly in the United States,” he said.

“The government will not hesitate to go to international organizations beginning with the United Nations to defend, in accordance with international law, human rights, freedoms and due process in favor of Mexicans abroad,” Videgaray added.

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