Mike Bloomberg is not shying away from the spotlight in his post-mayoral career. The now-former New York City mayor appeared on Fusion to discuss, among other things, immigration reform with host Jorge Ramos, whom he told that anything less than full reform would be “national suicide.”

Bloomberg, appearing on Fusion’s America with Jorge Ramos, responded to the host’s question as to why Republicans appeared to be “stalling” on reforming America’s immigration laws. He had nothing kind to say about Republicans (and nothing at all to say about Democrats) on the matter.

“It defies imagination why anybody would postpone,” an exasperated Bloomberg said. “We are selling our birthright here.” He then listed examples of what he believed were good reasons to reform immigration policy by allowing more illegal immigrants to remain in the country.

Bloomberg claimed that cracking down on illegal immigrants has resulted in Americans “hav[ing] crops in the field that rot because there’s no people to pick those crops; Americans don’t want to do that work.” This was, perhaps, an allusion to reports of rotting crops in Washington, Alabama, and Georgia after immigration enforcement swept various farms.

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