First Lady Michelle Obama Friday returned to fundraising as a somewhat changed woman, more partisan and political than she was during President Obama’s first term, including during her time on the campaign trail during 2012.

Mrs. Obama appeared before a Democratic National Committee women’s event to raise money, and she let Republicans have it, characterizing them as misogynists who are out of step with American values.

From the White House transcript of her remarks:

When a small group of folks in Congress shuts down our government to try to shut down Obamacare, and we watch as our President stands strong, that’s not just some political fight in Washington — it is a battle about our most fundamental values and aspirations.

If you’re not happy about what you’ve seen in Congress lately, if you don’t like seeing folks in state government trying to undermine Obamacare or chip away at women’s rights and women’s health, then I urge you — let’s not just sit around feeling angry or helpless or hopeless, especially not women.  (Laughter.) . . .

And all the women and families who don’t want anyone interfering with their most private health decisions, women who are more than capable of making our own choices about our bodies, they’re counting on us.  They’re counting on us to stand up and fight for rights and freedoms that we all deserve, and that’s why we need your support right now.

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