On Wednesday, Sean Hannity welcomed Michelle Malkin to his show and they discussed several things. However, one of them was the issue of the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill. While Hannity said that he had previously had Marco Rubio on to discuss the bill, he said he “didn’t see the border security first.” Malkin then responded with, “”I reject the premise of ‘secure the border first’… It’s secure the border period.”

While not necessarily a fan of Sean Hannity, I did find Malkin’s points pretty good, especially when you consider who is coming across the border. It isn’t just Mexicans, but Islamic jihadists.

Hannity said that he was told by people in Washington prior to his show that the announcement on Thursday would be a “doubling of agents, the building and completion of the fence (700 plus miles), the technology, all of it….the E-Verify, entry/exit, that people who have overstayed they are going to close out those cases within 180 days. All of those things, I’m told, are going to be triggers before there’s any legalization process.”

Malkin simply made a gesture with her hand symbolizing “It’s all talk.”

When asked if that was the case, would it change things for her, Malkin declared, “Of course not. These are empty gestures. These are enforcement kabuki by desperate Democrats and Republicans, who have been willing tools for the open borders lobby.”