First Lady Michelle Obama, who has mostly refused to address China’s political oppression during her trip to the country, today upped the ante by actually praising Madame Peng, the wife of China’s president, for her “inspiring” commitment “to improving public health in her country and around the world.”

One assumes Mrs. Obama is not referring to the health of Madame Peng’s political opponents, who are rotting in her jails.

From a Q&A Mrs. Obama had today with CaixanOnline, a China-focused news site.

Question: You were unable to meet with Peng Liyuan, President Xi Jinping’s wife, last year in California, but I believe you two have kept in touch. Might you be able to speak to what you two have discussed?

Michelle: Madame Peng and I have a number of things in common. We have both worked hard to balance our roles as mothers and professionals, and we both have the great honor of representing our countries when we travel, showcasing the unique cultures and history of the United States and China all around the world. We have also both chosen to work on issues we care about, and Madame Peng’s commitment to improving public health in her country and around the world is truly inspiring.

That good ‘ole Madame Peng, just another working mother trying to balance work and gettin’ the kids to kung fu practice. This is certainly PR gold for the Chinese kleptocrats.

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