The American Muslim Political Action Committee is alive and well and gaining great influence in American politics. Currently, they are planning a march on Washington DC to complain about religious profiling and the way the US government has handled the investigation of the 9-11 attacks that took down the World Trade Center Towers and hit the Pentagon.

The march on Washington was originally called the Million Muslim March, but in an effort to make it sound less radical, they have changed the name to Million American March Against Fear. The change was made to supposedly make it sound more in line with mainstream media.

You have to realize that changing the name of something has been an extremely successful ploy by liberals, progressives and now Muslims to get the American people to accept something that they would normally be against. Case in point, few Americans would openly embrace anything labeled socialist, but the whole country is welcoming the term social justice which is the very same thing. Who in America would openly embrace communism, but who would turn away from community action?

Secondly, notice they use the same terminology that gay activists have used to get support for their perverse lifestyle by labeling anyone that disagrees with them as fearing them. How many times have you seen articles referring to straight people and Christians as homophobes? It’s not that we fear them, it’s that we believe their lifestyle to be an abomination and wrong, therefore it is unacceptable to us. But they constantly claim that the only reason we are against homosexuality is that we fear it and them.

Now Muslims are using the same tactics, claiming that everyone who dislikes them must fear them because we don’t understand them. I’ve got news for them, I understand them very well and because of that understanding I claim that they are a serious threat to Christianity and the American way of life that has stood for over 230 years.