The Obama administration is historic in one regard: the president is not associated with his policies at twice the rate of previous presidents. His job approval, likability, direction of the country and other metrics simply don’t add up.

Conservatives, independents, and journalists on the left and right who actually do their jobs have noticed this unusual trending of various polling metrics. Gallup polled it and laid it out:

Obama‘s approval rating is higher than Americans’ satisfaction with the direction the country is headed, a Gallup survey released Wednesday indicated.

The 24 percentage point gap is typical for Obama’s presidency but represents a much greater presidential job-approval nod than most presidents since Ronald Reagan enjoyed, Gallup said of its review of polling data.

The average gap between approval and satisfaction for George W. Bush during his eight years in the White House was 12 percentage points, the Princeton, N.J., polling agency said. The gap was 10 percentage points for presidents Bill Clinton and Reagan.

Four big polls tell this story. First, President Obama’s likability, which comes from a May 20th CNN/ORC poll. When 923 adults were surveyed by phone, 79% thought the president was likable, while only 20% disagreed.

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