Every time the Dems open their mouths against President Trump, it ends up backfiring.   Rachel Maddow tried to pull a fast one on Trump and release his 2005 tax returns.  Yes, 2005.   Why is that relevant?   It’s not.  But, it was supposedly breaking news for Ms. Maddow.

Some interesting things did come to light though, but not on Maddow’s show.  Tucker Carlson used some basic math to show the comparative tax rates of Donald Trump, Barack Obama and Mr. “the rich must pay their fair share” champion, Bernie Sanders.   And, guess what?

In 2005, Trump’s effective tax rate (meaning what he paid) was 25%

Compare that to Obama’s 2015 tax rate at 19.6%

But, the real news is – Bernie Sanders’ 2014 effective tax rate – 13.5%  (more than 10 percentage points lower than what Trump paid in 2005)

It’s all in how you spin it – right?