It’s not the sequester. Nice try though. Again.

Before that it was:

  • The tsunami in Japan.
  • The refusal of Republicans to compromise on [fill in the blank with massive Democrat spending program or debt ceiling raise of your choice].
  • European economic troubles. Ironically, their troubles are a product of their own Obama-like policies having come to fruition.
  • George W Bush’s horrible economy (mostly with unemployment under 6%) that Obama inherited over 4 years ago.
  • ATMs. That’s right. At one point President Choom Room blamed automatic teller machines for raising unemployment.
  • Arab Spring (which I thought they were in favor of).
  • Corporations in general, because without corporations, ….well, Bush! Or something!

One person Obama has never pointed the blame at is himself. Let me offer an alternative list of reasons for this continuing 5 year recession.

  • Porkulus, Obama’s first act as president. Actually, I can’t remember if that was before or after accepting the Nobel Peace Prize for Being Awesome. Adding $1 trillion in debt for no other purpose than to prop up the fat incomes and fatter pensions of federal, state, and municipal government employees just increases burdens on the private economy.
  • Artificially keeping interest rates near 0%. This has wreaked havoc on the finances of retired seniors and everyone else who relies on investment income.

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