“Politics and governing aren’t for the stupid or the fainthearted,” Joe Scarborough wrote in the preface of his book The Right Path. But is Harry Reid trying to prove him wrong on the former point? It depends on whether one considers Kochsteria a round of truth-telling, or just a desperation play to get Democratic donors into the mix. On yesterday’s Morning Joe, Scarborough dominated and dedicated a segment to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to call him a liar, equate him with “those cheap, dirty political consultants, and declare him “embarrassing.” The Blaze notes that his panel didn’t exactly rush to Reid’s defense, either:

Co-host Mika Brzezinski, and in-studio panelists Jim Vandehei of Politico, and “Morning Joe” regulars Willie Geist, and Katty Kay were silent for much of the segment, speaking only when called upon to join the uncomfortable conversation.

At the 7:00 point of the clip, Joe actually referred to the leader of the U.S. Senate by saying, “He’s like one of those cheap, dirty, political consultants you stay away from because they would embarrass you.”

Not a voice was raised to object to Scarborough’s argument.

The usually unapologetic Democratic supporter, Mika Brzezinski said nothing for most of the segment. In fact, it was 10 minutes into the clip before Mika finally shared her feelings on Reid’s relentless attack on the Koch brothers by saying, “I cringed watching it,” and then criticizing his comments’ “destructive tone.”

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