How quickly things change. Yesterday, Egyptian President Morsi vowed to stick with things and would not be pushed out of office. Obama threatened to withhold aid if Morsi was ousted.

Today, it appears as though key leaders within the Muslim Brotherhood have been arrested and Morsi is out as president of Egypt, though Morsi denies it. According to one source, “The Egyptian Military said they were going to take over at 11AM EDT if Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi did not reconcile with the opposition and meet the demands of the people.”

It looks like the military made good on its threat. Did Obama (and the Global Elite that backs him) really think that they could push as much as they have pushed without blowback? It doesn’t appear to be the case. People in the Middle East have no qualms about throwing up roadblocks to the things they do not like. They may take it for a while, but eventually, they will start pushing back. They know if they don’t, they will lose. They would rather go down with a fight than without one.

In the United States, we really don’t know what that means, experientially, at least in modern times. Too many are willing to give the government whatever it asks for “if it means our safety.” We think – because we are supposedly “civilized” – that the government would never take advantage of us. It has clearly been doing that for decades, but most of it has been done under the radar so it has made it difficult to face the threat.

In the Middle East, people call it as they see it and even if they’re not correct about their observations, they are willing to throw themselves into it with all the energy and commitment they can muster. Such has been the case in Egypt over the past few days with growing crowds opposed to President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. This level of angst has literally brought Morsi’s house down upon his head and put him in the precarious position of trying to defend himself against the hatred that has spread rapidly through the gathered crowds in response to the corruption in Morsi’s government. It seems that the deaths and injuries related to the protests have simply hardened the people’s resolve.

Earlier today, the military issued the following statement:

“The president is no longer able to make any political decisions now and a decision has been taken to prevent leaders loyal to the current regime from traveling overseas until the General Command of the Armed Forces are finished formulating their expected statement.”

Following the above statement, “Sheikh Abu Ishaq well-known Salafist preacher has issued a Fatwa to the protesting supporters of President Mohamed Morsi, they need to return to their homes right away and avoid bloodshed.”

For Morsi’s part, on his own Facebook page, he has rejected this military coup and also rejects the fact that he has been rejected as president. We’ll see what happens, but it doesn’t appear as though things will be resolved to everyone’s liking either.

It appears that even with Obama’s backing and his tongue lashing of Christians there who he felt did not support Morsi (gee, I wonder why?), Morsi is losing. What then will the Global Elite do about this?

The goal seems to have been replacing current dictators in the Middle East and North Africa with some stooge from the Muslim Brotherhood (or other Islamic-connected group). In essence then, the Global Elite has endeavored to put people in power whom they thought they could control and it would be far better if all of those people were cut from the same cloth. In the Middle East, Islam stands opposed to Israel (and pretty much everyone else). The more countries that exist in that region of the world, the greater the Islamic influence will be and the greater the threat to Israel.

At the same time, as soon as Morsi stepped into power, the Global Elite was right there with offers of support through tons of money and other resources. Much of that money came from the United States. The reason for that goes all the way back to Mayer Rothschild who basically said that whoever controls the money, controls the government. The Global Elite has always endeavored to control governments and money is the biggest tool allowing them to gain that control.

Did the U.S. provide financial aid to Egypt? Of course! Even again as recently as early March, 2013, another $250 million was sent over to Morsi. Why is our country giving all this money to Egypt? Because it puts Morsi in the unenviable position of being in our debt, not just financially, but politically as well. Ultimately, he is indebted to the Global Elite.

Apparently, Morsi is not doing a good job. He has his own ideas (not good when you’re dealing with the Global Elite) unlike Obama who is nothing more than a true “yes” man for the Global Elite. Morsi started thinking he was another Egyptian Pharaoh and that wasn’t good either. Obama loves himself but he also knows who butters his bread.