“Award-Winning” Professor, William Penn, isn’t winning any awards with his recent commentary (excuse me, ‘diatribe’) regarding those he dubs “closet racists” (i.e. – Republicans).

Here’s one of the captivating statements Professor Penn made during this eye-opening soliloquy:  “They don’t want to pay taxes because they’ve already raped this country and gotten everything out of it they possibly could.”

Excuse me…who is he talking about?  Republicans?  Let me get this straight…Republicans have committed the unpardonable sin, in this professor’s eyes, because they don’t want their hard earned money going to pay for Obamaphones, the President’s Hawaiian Vacations, ‘Free’ Healthcare, and Unemployment for every able-bodied beach bum on the government dole?   Oh right – and they (Republicans) don’t want to pay for free college tuition; because they don’t care about young people.  Got it!    And, they’re the ones who’ve “raped this country and gotten everything out of it they possibly could”?   Interesting!

Of course, Professor Penn is entitled to his opinion.   He’s entitled to express his opinion.   But, were those in his class who might’ve disagreed with his “opinion” encouraged or even allowed to express their dissent?  Good question.

Michigan State University (MSU) officials have said they will investigate anti-Republican comments made by Professor Penn.   A school spokesman told Campus Reform Tuesday evening. “At MSU it is important the classroom environment is conducive to a free exchange of ideas and is respectful of the opinions of others.”

I’m sure MSU is going to deal with the situation ‘appropriately;’ which must have Professor Penn shaking in his liberal boots.  No disrespect intended to Professor Penn or MSU.

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