Most of us are aware of several attempted jihad plots uncovered in the U.S. before they happened in recent years. We are also aware of instances where intel was either ignored or not given the type of scrutiny it should have been given. The recent Boston Marathon bombing is a case in point. There are indications that the plot was known to our government at least several weeks before the incident occurred.

There are also other incidents that have occurred over the past few years (with the most recent one occurring last week) in which the suspects were likely Muslim. However, the media, for one reason or another, opted not to focus on that.

One such incident occurred in Santa Monica, CA last week when a gunman went on a murderous rampage and was finally killed in a shootout with police. Several media reports initially did not release the name of the gunman but said he would have been 24 years old this past Saturday, June 8. Five people died in this rampage by a man who carried two guns – an AR-type long gun and .44 revolver – along with 1,300 rounds of ammo and tactical armor.

The gunman – who is believed to be John Zawahri – apparently killed two of his own family members before setting the house they were in on fire, then headed toward Santa Monica College, shooting out bus windows and carjacking people on his way.

No motive is said to be known for the shootings, but I cannot help but wonder whether the fact that he may have been Muslim had anything to do with it? No, the articles did not say he was Muslim. He simply has a Muslim name – Zawahri (you remember Ayman al-Zawahri?). With the recent jihadist attacks in the UK, in which a soldier was hacked to death and nearly beheaded, and a French soldier was stabbed in Paris, one can only wonder if all of these events are instances of jihad whenever a Muslim (or Arab) is involved? It is not beyond the realm of possibility and yes, I realize that this notion is decidedly politically incorrect, but ask me what I think of political correctness.

Pat Dollard’s website article asks the question whether this was a Muslim Terror Attack? Another article wonders if this was “Sudden Jihad Syndrome“?

In still another incident that occurred this past February (and didn’t receive much news coverage) in the same liberal state of California, another individual with another Muslim name – Ali Syed – shot and killed three people (four, counting himself). He used a 12-gauge shotgun in the hour long ordeal that took the lives of four people one by one, plus the shooter him, who committed suicide after being cornered by law enforcement.

Police did find a suicide note on Syed’s computer indicating that the murders were premeditated, but refused to provide any other information about the note found on his computer. No one supposedly knows what the official motive is for the killings. The latest information I could find is an article dated March 2, 2013, which states that a suicide note was found on Syed’s computer and gives the impression that his rampage was preplanned. Officials said in the article that they could not discuss the contents of the note. Really? Why is that? The man is dead. He is not going to trial so they don’t have to worry about prejudicing anyone who might be on a jury. Syed is in the next life and has already been judged. Why can’t we know what the note said?

What is the reason for not disclosing the full content of Syed’s suicide note? Could it be it included ramblings about Islamic jihad? Is there a reference to Allah, maybe an “Allahu Akbar” possibly? What exactly is so secret in the note, that they cannot release the information?

Several websites point out that Syed was Muslim.Here, here, here, and here. Another isn’t so sure.

Neither Syed nor Zawahri had a criminal record. They were both young, in their early 20s, and both committed random acts of violence against people – most of whom they neither knew or had a connection. Neither shooter was taken alive. Dead men tell no tales and as long as no one is releasing the info on the suicide note from Syed, there are no worries are there?

So here’s the question…are we to expect more of this random violence from people with Muslim-sounding names? Is this all just coincidence? By the way, why is the DOJ making threats about bashing Islam on social networks? Why the protection if in fact, Muslims make up the bulk of jihadists out there?