Well lookee here! Them wacky “Ehrabs” (Arabs) are at it again; pushing the envelope of common decency. We’ve discovered long ago, the Muslim penchant for abusing women; honor killings, marriage to an abuse of young girls, stonings and such.

Now that they have that whole female domination thing worked out, it’s evidently time to tackle the homosexual scourge in the Middle East.

I frankly wasn’t aware that the Middle East is a hotbed of LGBT activity or that the region is a homosexual Mecca (pardon the pun)?

But just on the off chance it is, the countries of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Countries) are said to be developing a test that will determine if one is, has been, or plans on being a homosexual or any other cross gendered category.

Members of the GCC are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar (home of Al Jazeera), Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

According to the Kuwaiti director of public health,Yousouf Mindkar, “a medical test being developed by Kuwait will be used to detect homosexuals and prevent them from entering the country or any of the Gulf cooperation countries… Members of the LGBT community will be stopped at the border and banned from entering…”

What kind of test could they develop when the best scientific minds worldwide can’t determine a cause?

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