Our system of voting has been neglected, sort of like your neighbor’s dog–the one chained to a tree during freezing temperatures and bad weather. Voters in America have something in common with that poor dog in that we keep coming back for more, hoping circumstances will improve with every election cycle. Unfortunately the dog can’t motivate its owner to treat him with love or consideration, but American voters can demand members of Congress work with the individual states to resolve the profound issues which corrupt voting results every election day. The problems surrounding voting machines during elections have been documented throughout history, but have become more sensitive and pervasive throughout the states.

On election night while I listened to the television in the background, I wondered, how could the 7.8 million registered voters in Ohio (1.6 million regarded as ineligible) be any more important than the 3.1 million registered voters living in Arizona?

Why does the election for the U.S. Presidency seemingly depend on battleground states and Ohio voters coming to the polls? Even as the news organizations were projecting Barrack Obama the winner, I wondered if my vote counted at all?  Perhaps I even voted incorrectly- though through a stroke of fortune I voted using a paper ballot in combination with an optical scanner- the most reliable method. I have lived in the U.S. all of my adult life and never appreciated being minimized by the media, especially during general elections. While western polls had just closed and Alaska and Hawaii were still voting, the media was announcing our next President. I decided to look into some of the problems with our U.S. voting system.

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