With ObamaCare revealing that except for lies and incompetence Emperor Obama is naked, all around the country voters are turning against the president’s political party and anyone who made it possible for ObamaCare to rape the middle class. Just a few months ago, the media thought the government shutdown would benefit Democrats in the 2014 midterms. Today the National Journal reports that a wave is building that will hand Republicans control of the United States Senate.

A third of America’s one-hundred U.S. Senators are up for re-election every two years. Of the 33 or 34 facing a 2014 election, the National Journal identifies 15 seats as vulnerable. Thirteen of those seats are held by Democrats. But of the 7 seats most likely to turn over, all 7 are held by Democrats. Republicans need only pick up 6 seats to win the chamber.

Unlike the shutdown, ObamaCare is almost certain to be the gift that keeps on giving to Republicans as the law rains hell on American voters. By the government’s own calculations, tens of millions more insurance cancellations are expected to hit next year. And if the Administration does get the website functional, that only means that Americans will discover the other bad news about lost doctors, premium increases, and sky-high  deductibles.

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