President Obama’s dishonesty is a huge barrier to resolving the stalemate in Washington.

How do you work with someone who weaves circles of deception around the truth, adding layer after layer after layer, much like Russian nesting dolls?

Obama wants to borrow more because he wants to spend more. His official budget in April proposed $160-billion in new spending this year alone, but he is being quiet about that for now. He refuses to negotiate, knowing that one demand would be that he wouldn’t get any part of that $160-billion.

Let me guide you through some more layers of Obama’s deceptions:


The President claims every Republican offer includes some dismantling of Obamacare. Yet multiple bills recently passed the House that are silent on Obamacare and would do nothing except fund separate and specific things like the military, our national parks, the National Institutes of Health, veterans’ benefits and more.