How many years have we been hearing about Iran’s nuclear capability or at least their potential? It seems we’ve heard this refrain for a decade or so. Not a year goes by that we don’t hear that something must be done about Iran. That Iran is no more than a year or two away from developing a nuclear weapon that we can wait no longer. What will happen if we wait too long?

Any rationally thinking individual must know what will happen if Iran gets a weapon: say goodbye to Israel. But we’ve heard this refrain over and over again years.

So it’s not surprising that on October 6, just three weeks ago, AP reported that president Obama said U.S. intelligence agencies believe Iran is still “a year or more” away from producing a nuclear weapon. Obama said, “Our estimate is probably more conservative than the estimates of the Israeli intelligence services”.

And with that, Obama has placed more distance between the U.S. and Israel.

Yet not three weeks after Obama’s proclamation of the Iran’s nuclear program comes striking news. Iran maybe only a month or so away.

This blockbuster announcement comes from David Albright, nuclear expert and president of the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS). Albright, a former UN weapons inspector for the IAEA made this determination by analyzing data from both UN and Iranian reports.

While the United States and other nations “negotiate” sanctions with Iran, they have increased their centrifuge stockpile from 12,000 last year to a current 19,000.

So here we are, anxious to negotiate “in good faith” with a terrorist regime that may be only weeks or months away from developing a weapon that can wipe out our only ally in the region, Israel.

Meanwhile, one of the Iranian hierarchy, Ayatollah Khatami exclaimed that regardless of any “negotiations” the slogans “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” will never be removed and reiterated Iran’s position for the annihilation of Israel.

Question: How does one negotiate with rulers like that? Where would one begin?

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