At first, it seems like left-wing talking head Tamara Holder is having some light-hearted fun at Republicans’ expense, calling them ‘fat asses’ who overeat. But then she gets into logic more twisted than a glazed cruler.

Mmm, donuts… anyway, in a conversation about Nanny Bloomberg’s insane banning crusade in New York City, Tamara Holder gives somewhat of a defense, while handing out donuts and swigging from a 2 Liter of Cola. Imus producer Bernie McGuirk is nearby and lights up on stage.

But what seems like some water-cooler banter then gets a bit bizarre, as Holder ties together the supposed ‘war on obesity’ and Obamacare. Predictable? Yeah. But why all the vitriol against Republicans, as if they are the only ones who struggle keeping off the weight?

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