In 2012, we saw numerous reports of dead people voting in a number of state primary elections and the general election in November.  In all likelihood, thousands of votes were cast from the grave for a number of politicians, mostly Democrats.  Even more absurd was when Florida went to purge their voter rolls of dead people and non-citizens, Eric Holder’s Justice Department tried to stop them.

Now we are learning that dead people cannot only cast their ghostly ballots from beyond, but they can collect welfare as well.  But wait!  There’s more!  Not only can they receive welfare, but some dead people only started receiving welfare after they were dead.  I guess being dead prevents you from being able to work and earn a living, so you qualify for government assistance, right?

Massachusetts recently conducted an audit which revealed that the state had doled out $18 million in what they defined as ‘questionable public assistance benefits’ over recent years.  Nearly 1,200 dead people were receiving some form of welfare:

“In 1,164 cases, deceased recipients continued to receive a total of $2.39 million in benefits up to 27 months after they had been reported dead. The state Department of Transitional Assistance also paid out at least $368,000 benefits to 178 guardians who claimed deceased persons as dependents, and $164,000 to 40 individuals being claimed by more than one guardian.”

Suzanne Bump, the State Auditor, discovered in the audit that some of the people receiving welfare benefits started doing so after they were dead, indicating cases of fraud (just like the liberal voting systems).  There was also a significant amount of suspicious transactions on electronic benefits cards (EBT) totaling $15 million.  Of those, $5 million worth of food benefits had been used all at once, which raised red flags.  Five regional offices were not able to produce the necessary documentation for over 30,000 EBT cards.