Much has been said about how Governor Romney lost the election. I do not personally believe it was his fault; I believe Mr. Romney is a great man who had the potential — despite our ideological differences —to at least start a turnaround of this country. I believe there were some aspects of his campaign that were poorly run (Project ORCA, anyone?) but that we should have had a viable shot at winning. Indeed, in the week before, no less than Dick Morris and Michael Barone were predicting a landslide for him. Perhaps this was intentional; perhaps there were genuinely misled. Either way, in the next four years, the GOP has a few problems to remedy if it wants to be competitive.

We can blame the MSM, but the fact of the matter is that the media is going to slant left until we get enough conservatives and libertarians in the media to drag it back to the center. Since the 1960s, college academia has trended left, because those of us on the right were too busy out in the “real world”, and the media followed right along with it. This is a consequence of our own making. We let them take over our universities and even our high schools. Thankfully, between Twitter, Facebook and citizen bloggers, a conservative wave is starting to happen, but many of these bloggers will never have the press credentials or ability to get where the MSM is.

The challenge between now and 2016 is to not allow the media to drive the message like they did this election cycle. Benghazi is already fading from the headlines, buried under the Petraus-Allen “scandals” (after having been a teenager through the Clinton era, though, this hardly tips my scandal meter).

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