Senior Director of Institutional Giving for NPR Betsy Liley said it is still a question of whether or not Barack Obama was born in the United States. She clearly is heard talking about a coverup, keeping the birther issue out of the news because it was “political” and even indicating that there was monkey business going on in Hawaii concerning Obama’s birth certificate. Listen to the brief audio below and see for yourself. Birthers are not just on the right. There are clearly birthers on the left, they just want to cover up the truth.

Later, Ms. Liley was in the following undercover video, along with others as men posed as Muslim Brotherhood and went undercover in order to expose NPR’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. There can be no doubt that this should expose the connections of NPR, the Muslim Brotherhood and quite possibly the reason behind the birther coverup. Notice how member of the Tea Party are referred to as “racist,” “xenophobes,” and “middle aged, white, gun-toting” scary people.