The NSA and their political allies have been making angry faces and expressing self-righteous indignation that Edward Snowden dared to search and find the spy agency’s private information and share it with the world. Obviously a moral person only steals secrets from other people, not the NSA.

One of the mantras of this affair is that we are all safer with the NSA spying on us because they are only trying to protect us and they don’t abuse the information they have on us. Obviously, all unconstitutional spying is done under strict oversight and—in the parlance of “democratic” totalitarianism—“internal controls.”

Except that the NSA has, up till now, admitted they had no idea what Edward Snowden did in order to get his information. The “audits” that prevented abuse, have proven to be convenient fictions. Snowden, as one of about a thousand “administrators” at the NSA, had no oversight at all as far as we can tell. The NSA could not even predict what secrets he was going to reveal because they had no idea what he had been looking at while he worked there.

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