I have to wonder: Is “Obama” a Swahili expression for the English word, “shameless.”

The Administration is proposing new laws restricting tax exempt organizations from political campaigns. Marketwatch reports:

The Treasury Department and the IRS on Tuesday proposed limiting the political activities of tax-exempt organizations, including campaign advertising and “get-out-the-vote” drives.

The Obama administration expects its so-called “guidance” will draw a large number of comments “given the significant public interest in these and related issues” – a reference to tea-party groups who have said they were singled out by the IRS for scrutiny during the last election.

If the proposals are finalized, a group registering voters or spending on advertising could lose its tax exemption.

The rules don’t really matter. What matters is how they are enforced. We already know, from their own “on the record” statements, that the IRS used its power to hamper and obstruct the formation of tax-exempt organizations that seemed Conservative. No one in the Obama Administration, least of all Obama himself, feels any obligation to act in an even-handed way in enforcing the law. The new restrictions will be invoked to spread false accusations against conservative groups in order to paralyse them during the next elections. Meanwhile, accusations or suspicions about liberal groups will be ignored.
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