A high-ranking official at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), who said he was acting at the direction of top lawyers in President Obama’s White House, went to extraordinary and seemingly bizarre lengths to obstruct an Inspector General investigation into illicit lobbying activity at the agency.

The aggressive obstruction of an IG investigation is serious enough that a senior lawmaker says the police may need to be involved.

HUD Inspector General David Montoya revealed on page 19 of his Feb. 18 report about illegal lobbying by the agency the lengths to which the acting general deputy assistant secretary Elliot Mincberg went to impede the IG investigation, and how he said he was doing it for, and in “coordination” with, the “White House Counsel.”

Mincberg interrupted IG agents’ interview with another HUD employee whose name is redacted in what the IG wrote was Mincberg taking “steps to interfere with the investigation” by “inserting himself into” that other HUD worker’s “ongoing witness interview.”

The IG wrote that Mincberg “threatened to terminate the interview and not allow [other HUD employee’s name redacted] to provide documentation requested by the investigators.”

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