President Obama is feeling good about America’s prospects. He made that clear last night in remarks to Organizing for Action, the group his reelection campaign transformed into since the last presidential election.

“I said in 2008 — and I’m pretty sure I repeated in 2012 — that you run elections not simply to get elected.  You run elections to have an opportunity to deliver on behalf of the American people.  And the central premise of our campaign was always that this great country of ours is built on some foundational ideas, the most important of which is that anybody, anywhere, if they’re willing to work hard and take responsibility, can succeed, and that if we’ve got a growing, thriving middle class and ladders of opportunity into the middle class, then nobody can beat us.  That’s the reason why we attracted immigrants from every corner of the world.  That’s the reason why our culture has always been viewed as dynamic and forward-looking — not looking backwards, but consistently looking at that next horizon,” Obama told the high-dollar donors and friends of the group who were at the St. Regis Hotel event in Washington last night.

“And the good news is that America in 2013 is poised, as it always has been, to succeed in ways that will make us the envy of the world if we make good policy decisions.”

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