The stated priorities of President Barack Obama’s shadowy activist group, Organizing for Action (OFA), are not the issues most Americans care about, according to numerous polls ranking the country’s political priorities.

OFA executive director Jon Carson told supporters in a Thursday email that the “big issues we care about” are “gun safety, climate change, marriage equality, immigration reform, and more.”

The group’s emphasis on the four issues specifically mentioned suggest its agenda is out of step with mainstream America, according to Logan Dobson, a pollster with the Tarrance Group.

“Every single poll that comes out that features a ‘most important’ issue question tells us the exact same thing: Voters care about the economy,” Dobson told the Washington Free Beacon in an email.

“The types of issues OFA is saying are the ‘big issues they care about’ rarely exceed 10 percent in the polls, and even then in moments when they dominate the news cycle,” Dobson noted.

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