The Obama Administration announced that it will meet with the Taliban in Doha for “peace talks.” The Taliban continue to orchestrate insider attacks, killing our soldiers. They continue to poison girls’ schools across Afghanistan, kidnap Red Cross workers, enforce the most brutal and extreme ideology on the face of the earth (the Sharia), and call for the defeat of American and coalition forces.

These jihadists behead Afghan children, slaughter Afghans who dare to attend a party where dancing takes place, and mean to run Mullah Omar for President, despite the fact that there is still a $10-million-dollar reward on his head. Omar sheltered Osama bin Laden prior to the 9/11 attacks; he had a hand in the 9/11 attacks; and he has directed the Taliban’s ongoing war against U.S.-led NATO forces. On what basis could a peace conference move forward? It is, in fact, a surrender.

The Taliban have done nothing to move towards peace. They are savages, and you cannot make peace with savages. A “political settlement” is Obama-speak for surrender to jihad. The Obama Administration may insist that the Taliban break ties with al-Qaeda and end the violence, but they have given absolutely no indication that they are prepared to do that. If anything, just the opposite.

The number of green-on-blue attacks has skyrocketed, now accounting for over fifteen percent of coalition deaths. Our troops are being sacrificed to the politically correct refusal to state the truth about Islam. These are senseless murders that are only possible because the Obama administration refuses to acknowledge the motive and ideology of jihadic doctrine. How are our soldiers supposed to distinguish the jihadists from people on our side?