Well, Presidents’ Day is coming up, and it’s a day our sitting president takes very seriously. Unfortunately, though, he seems to believe it’s a day meant for HIM, the current president, in the way that Mother’s Day is for mothers, and so forth.

And so the weekend will no doubt be a time for more Obama vacations.

Michelle will jet off to some exclusive ski haven, while her husband will find a warm place to play golf and maybe take a lesson from the ghost of Sam Snead.

And guess what? You’re paying!

According to U.S. Secret Service records obtained by Judicial Watch through a FOIA request, last year’s three day weekend of fun for the president, Michelle, and the Bidens cost $295,437.

The president, you’ll remember, headed to Florida for a golf extravaganza. Michelle went skiing in Aspen – and so did the Bidens, but separately from Michelle. You know how it is – you see enough of people at work and don’t want them on your vacation too!

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