President Obama had the perfect opportunity to insure that he would win another four years, and he blew it. Hurricane Sandy was his opportunity to shore up a wavering electorate. There he was with NJ governor Chris Christie that was nothing more than a photo-op.

Soon after his meet-and-greet moment, the President took off to do more campaigning.

Here’s what Obama should have done:

Immediately pick an area that could serve as a coordinating base to handle the relief effort first-hand. Bring in a tent and stay fixed on the crisis through election-day. Live in some of the same conditions of the people who lost everything.

Call a press conference and say the following:

Millions of people are hurting. We’ve never seen devastation like this before. While this election is important, the people of this great nation are more important. I’m calling on every resource open to the Federal government and focusing them on the people. I’ve decided to set up a central-command post to get things done. I’ll cut red tape. I’ll work with state officials. Private agencies like the Red Cross, church groups, and local businesses. I’ve put in place well-trained disaster relief specialists that will coordinate with volunteer groups that want to enter into the area to help. This recovery effort is too important for me to be out on the campaign trail. I have a duty to serve the people of the United States now not for the next four years. Thank you. There is work to be done. God bless America.