Is the National Security Council abusing steroids? According to the Diplomat, the United States

“has reportedly agreed to substantially increase its military presence in the Philippines, increasing the number of troops, aircraft and ships which routinely rotate through the country. Details surrounding the scale of the increase were not made public but Pio Lorenzo Batino, the Philippines deputy defense minister said policy consultations were also held on a framework that would allow Washington to bolster military equipment in-country as well.”

It is rather obvious to the world why we are making this deal with the Philipines. But, of course, the United States is pretending this is all about humanitarian help.

“Increased U.S. support would also serve The Philippines when struggling against natural disasters, which occur quite frequently. Typhoon Bopha was the most recent, claiming more than 900 lives as it swept across the southern Philippines last week. Both Manila and Washington seemed to emphasis the humanitarian nature of the increased U.S. presence in the country, likely in an effort to assuage China’s inevitable concerns.”

I am sorry for the Philippines suffering in natural disasters, but we have our own disasters to worry about. And it is not the responsibility of the US Armed Forces to help other countries with natural disasters. And it isn’t clear how bolstering “military equipment in-country” would be necessary for this sort of humanitarian aid.