Last week a friend of mine was traveling on I-40 from Nashville, Tennessee to San Diego, California when Homeland Security stopped her and other travelers outside of Prescott, Arizona.  She said the uniformed HHS representatives were very cordial and asked her where she was going, how long she would be there, what was her business there and who did she know in San Diego.

When I heard this, I started searching the Internet to see if I could find videos of anyone else that this might have happened to.  Evidently there were videos, but interestingly, most of them have been removed from YouTube.  Keep searching because as this happens to more people, it is almost certain the videos will reappear only to possibly be pulled off of YouTube again.  We’re seeing selective censorship as we’ve never seen before.  The propagandists are hard at work, much like the Ministry of Propaganda was in Nazi Germany

Remember when Obama said America needs a “strong civilian national security force”, just as strong, powerful and as well funded as our military force?  His statement was the first thing that came to mind when my friend told me what had happened on Interstate 40.

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