During his fundraising trip to Los Angeles Wednesday, President Obama discovered anew that the United States is in bad shape, and he was again left in puzzlement about what could be the cause.

“You get a self-fulfilling prophecy,” the president told supporters, urging them to help Democrats avoid potentially significant losses in both houses of Congress in the November midterm elections. “The people who have the most at stake in a government that works opt out of the system. People who believe government doesn’t work are most empowered. Gridlock reigns and we get the downward spiral of even more cynicism.”

Speaking to a group of millionaires during a $10,000-to-$34,000-a-plate dinner at the Bel Air home of Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn, Obama explained that the Democrats’ problem is that they’re just too committed to the poor.

“The congenital problem that Democrats have is in midterms especially we don’t vote,” Obama told donors including living legend Barbra Streisand and Dreamworks SKG co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg. “Our voters are younger, they’re more likely to be minority, and because they’re more likely to be struggling they’re not always paying attention when the president is not – the presidential candidate isn’t on the ballot.”

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