The current Obama policy on Al Qaeda in Iraq is to…

A. Do nothing

B. Do it without Congressional approval

That’s the takeaway from Obama’s pointless meeting with Congress whose only real purpose is to try and shift some of the blame.

Before the meeting a senior administration official had made it clear that Obama was not going the air strikes route. This is about as surprising as snow in January.

Obama has ruled out an immediate campaign of air strikes against a militant Islamist terror group that is running roughshod over Iraq, senior administration officials told reporters on Wednesday.

When he meets at 3:00 p.m. with congressional leaders from both parties, he will reportedly explain his preference for continued diplomacy and intelligence gathering for Iraq’s army over bombing and guided-missile campaigns.

Meanwhile Iraq is asking for air strikes. This isn’t the first time the Iraqi government has asked, but they’re making it a formal request which embarrasses them and might embarrass Obama if he had any concept of shame.

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