Michael Zullo, the lead investigator for Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse submitted an affidavit to the Alabama Supreme Court in the Barack Obama eligibility case, in which he listed literally hundreds of reasons to question the eligibility of Barack Obama to be President and pointed out that obvious problems which he believes indicate that the birth certificate that was posted to the White House website is a forgery. We’ve already seen multiple copies of the birth certificate presented to the court.

Keep in mind that this is not a press conference, but an affidavit submitted to a court. It is no longer a matter of just making information known, but this is a written sworn statement of fact voluntarily made by Mr. Zullo under an oath which is administered by an authorized person to do so by law.

There is much that we have covered here (at regarding Obama’s eligibility. We’ve covered his background on a number of issues as well as the fraud of his birth certificate and history. The affidavit is far too long for a simple article, so we are making it available for you to read through. Without further ado, here is the complete text of the affidavit, along with relevant images.

View the Affidavit: