The Parliament of the United Kingdom, usually our staunchest ally, said a resounding no to a proposal to support the idea of going to war in Syria.

It wasn’t even a real war proposal, just a bill to support blasting Syria to bits “in principle.”

Not only is it an embarrassment for British Prime Minister David Cameron, but it’s a thorough rebuff of the Obama Administration, which increasingly looks like it will be going alone into Syria.

The British vote was somewhat close, but strong opposition came from every party, reflecting the mood of a global public that just doesn’t see any reason to get involved in Syria.

The Obama Administration has been trumpeting the recent nerve gas attack on Syrian civilians and saying it has proof that the gassing was done by the Syrian government.

But except for the New York Times, Obama isn’t getting much support in his quest to boot the Assad government out of power.

The Congress, which is the natural ally of presidents in times of war and which constitutionally is the only branch of government that can declare war, is being left in the cold, a symptom of Obama’s style of command by decree.

Despite Obama’s perpetual blather about unity, he has alienated just about everyone around him except for the low-information voters who have kept him in power.

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