At this point, nothing he says surprises me. The Obama administration is so far down the rabbit hole that when the President decides to pipe up, I expect the torrent of insanity that invariably follows.

Today is a great example.

Speaking about the sequester, Obama said that we need to “stop having these crises manufactured every month. I know you guys must be tired of it.  Didn’t we just solve this thing? Now we got another thing coming up?”

We’ll ignore the fact that solving crisis after crisis is essentially the Presidential job description and move on to the part where he compares the current situation with the sequester to running a business.

“Once every month or two, there’d be some crisis and your wouldn’t be sure whether you were working or not,” Obama said. “And even if it got solved, eventually or ultimately it’d be pretty discouraging on people.  You’d be less productive.  Ships wouldn’t get built as fast.  You’d waste money because you don’t know exactly what to expect.  Folks aren’t sure …am I showing up to work today or not?  If it’s not a good way to run a business, it’s sure not a good way to run a country.”

If that’s going to be the Obama doctrine, someone should ask him whether running a business with a trillion dollar annual budgetary shorftall is a recipe for success.

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