President Obama announced Thursday he would offer an administrative “fix” to a provision in the Affordable Care Act — or ObamaCare — that forces millions of Americans to lose their existing health coverage by directing insurance companies to allow affected policy holders to renew their old coverage.

The president said states and insurers can extend current policies canceled under health law for a year.

“I completely get how upsetting this could be for many Americans,” Obama said.

White House officials say a letter going out to state insurance commissioners will specify that current plans sold to existing customers will not be considered out of compliance with the health care law in 2014.

A rash of canceled policies — primarily for people in the individual insurance market, whose plans are now considered sub-optimal under the new health care law’s coverage standards — have prompted public outrage toward Obama and broken promises.

It’s uncertain how the president’s “fix” will affect House Democrats who have been calling for a legislative solution — as the Republicans are offering.

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