President Barack Obama is heading out on the road to promote immigration reform, amid increasingly effective opposition from the Republican’s base.

“Obama likely will travel in the coming months to some of the battleground states he won with the help of a robust Latino vote—possibly including Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado and Florida—to argue the economic case for passing the immigration overhaul,” according to a July 7 report in the Wall Street Journal.

“He will also try to convince reticent Republican lawmakers that the GOP’s viability as a national party with aspirations of winning back the White House is linked to the fate of the bill,” said the report, which was attributed to White House officials.

That goal means that Obama is pushing himself into the middle of an emerging fight between populists and business-minded immigration advocates within the GOP.

Obama’s pending road-trip marks a reversal of his previously under-the-radar tactics, which helped push the far-reaching rewrite through the Senate. All 55 Democratic Senators supported the bill, as did 14 GOP Senators.