With North Korea set to test a nuclear weapon, Middle East peace negotiations all but dead and Russian troops massed on the Ukrainian border, President Obama on Friday reassured Americans and global allies that he can “worry about a bunch of different problems at once” and his administration is capable of dealing with the array of foreign crises that have popped up in recent days.

Mr. Obama arrived in Seoul, South Korea, on Friday amid reports that North Korea is poised to conduct its fourth nuclear missile test of the past decade — a clear attempt by the reclusive and antagonistic regime to overshadow the American president’s visit.
Meanwhile, Mr. Obama reiterated that his administration is ready and willing to impose new economic sanctions on Russia if it does not pull back from Ukraine and stop pro-Russian forces from destabilizing parts of the country.

The president also doubled down on peace negotiations between Israeli and Palestinian leaders, though he admitted the immediate prospects aren’t good.

The growing number of foreign policy fires led to questions Friday about whether North Korea’s nuclear ambitions would be pushed to the back burner, or whether Mr. Obama should abandon Middle East peace to focus his attention elsewhere.

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