President Obama told House Democrats at their retreat in Leesburg, Virginia Thursday that the job of the presidency has made him shed some of his famous ego.

From this remarks:

I’m deeply grateful to have been reelected, and I’m humbled by the support that I received from all across the country. (Applause.) And I said at the National Prayer Breakfast this morning — and I was telling the truth — I genuinely am humbled.

The fascinating thing about this job is the longer you’re in it, the more humble you get, and the more you recognize your own imperfections. And you try to make up with effort and hard work those gaps in your personality or your intelligence that become so apparent to everybody on the daily news every day. (Laughter.)

Well, that would be nice. It might mean he would start imagining that conservatives actually have legitimate ideas of their own and aren’t just trying to score political points against . . . The One.

Of course, that wasn’t exactly the theme of his Inauguration speech, which boiled down to “My way or the highway because the Founders wanted it my way.”

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