President Obama, in his latest attempt to retool his messaging on Obamacare, vowed to spend the rest of his time in office standing by the new health care law, fixing problems that arise and fighting efforts to repeal it.

“Look, I’ve always said I will work with anybody to improve this law and implement it effectively … but we’re not repealing it as long as I’m president,” Obama said Tuesday at the White House.

“We will make it work for all Americans,” Obama added, as the room erupted in applause.

The event was the first in a series of daily promotional events being organized by the White House through Dec. 23, the deadline to register for insurance coverage that will kick in on Jan. 1.

President Obama said the focus on the Affordable Care Act over the last two months has understandably focused on the problem-riddled rollout of the website and hurdles Americans have faced in signing up for the federal insurance exchanges.

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