How arrogant must Obama be? This should fill you in:

The Obama administration worked during the election to formally draft rules governing the targeted killing of terrorists by unmanned drones in an effort to aid a possible transition had Mitt Romney won the presidency.

The president’s team wanted to provide Romney a set of “clear standards and procedures” for drone strikes, a practice that thus far has been the cause of many behind-the-scenes debates, the New York Times reported on Sunday.

While Administration officials openly say that the decisions to carry out drone strikes were both legal and done with great care, there was a sense that rules to govern the use of drone strikes should be institutionalized.

“There was concern that the levers might no longer be in our hands,” one official told the paper.

So let me get this straight. At the moment there are no formal rules governing the assassinations of terrorists by our drones. Why would that be?

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