The trajectory of conflicts like these are fairly clear. Israel bombs some terrorist targets and then launches a ground incursion into Gaza to suppress terrorist activities. But the Obama Administration is already working against a ground offensive behind the scenes, as a New York Times report mentions.

Obama supposedly called Netanyahu to discuss options for “de-escalating” the situation, but all those options are going to involve signing on to another meaningless cease fire while Hamas continues carrying out attacks, on and off. Netanyahu has made calling off a ground operation contingent on an end to rocket attacks. Which Obama isn’t likely to be able to deliver. And worse still, Obama has proposed that Egypt broker a ceasefire.

hat might have made some kind of sense in the Mubarak era, but today Egypt is run by the Muslim Brotherhood, which also runs Gaza, it’s like asking the Soviet Union to broker a peace between China and India. Worse still, there is good reason to believe that Egypt pushed this conflict to distract from its domestic problems. And the Muslim Brotherhood leader of Egypt, Morsi has been quite blatant about calling for war with Israel.

Obama called Morsi to thank him for his efforts in calming the conflict despite the fact that Morsi made multiple threats against Israel and sent his Prime Minister to Gaza in a show of support to Hamas. That’s a rather strange notion of calming the situation.

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