A new video by media analyst Mark Dice shows Obama supporters in San Diego expressing their view that it’s racist to not like Mexican food.

Dice invented the narrative that Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner had remarked that he didn’t like Mexican food and that Barack Obama had asked him to resign.

“I think people in his district should consider voting for somebody else,” said one woman.

Another individual is asked if such “bigotry” should be tolerated in Congress and whether or not Boehner should resign, to which he responds, “I think he should resign, enough of him”.

Another woman called for Boehner to be “made an example of,” so that other people don’t repeat such comments in the future.

Another man repeated the call for Boehner to resign before stating, “hail Obama!”.

Dice was eventually able to find one individual at the end of the clip who remarked that it was “absurd to think that it’s racist to not like Mexican food”.

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