Since taking office in January of 2009, President Barack Obama has systematically stripped the American people of their rights and freedoms.  He has done his utmost to take control of as many aspects of our lives as possible.  Simply stated, Obama wants to own us and our lives just like the plantation owners owned their slaves 200 years ago.

Obamacare takes many of our health decisions away from us and even some of them away from our doctors.  They are being told how to treat us and what treatments will be allowed and what ones won’t.  They are no longer able to freely work with patients and in fact, have been instructed to use the Affordable Care Act to pry into our private lives.

Our First Amendment rights to free speech are being stripped away.  Day by day, legislation by legislation we are no longer able to speak the truth or express our religious faith, or it could be considered hate language.  If you speak openly that the Bible says homosexuality is a sin, you may find yourself in serious trouble with the law.

Under Obama, you no longer have the First Amendment right to live your religion.  He is forcing Christians to go against their religious beliefs, especially if they are business owners.  If you deal with the public in any way, you either have to do the biddings of homosexuals, face being sued in court or face charges from a human rights commission.

Obama is pushing harder than any man in the history of the United States to eliminate the Second Amendment right to bear arms without any infringement.  When the Senate failed to pass his anti-gun bills, he is now considering using executive orders to enact the bills on his own, illegally bypassing Congress.

The Fourth Amendment gives us the right to be secure in our persons, homes and property against any unreasonable search and seizure.  Yet under Obama, federal officials claim to have the right to detain anyone, search their homes and property without warrant or probable cause.  All they have to do is say that they believe you pose a threat to national security and you can be whisked away and held indefinitely.