So I guess Russia is now the world’s largest homosexual free zone. And the entire liberal world is having a collective meltdown.

The new Russian law effectively bans everything homosexual, from holding hands or any public display of affection, to pro-homosexual speech or even anything with a rainbow. In other words, it is illegal to be homosexual in Russia. And this happens just months before the Winter Olympics come to Russia.

Many athletes are said to be quite upset about this and may boycott the games, although heterosexual male figure skaters should be pleased, providing there are any.

The law even stipulates that homosexuals or even their advocates can be arrested, detained for up to 14 days and expelled from the country.

Groups like Human Rights Watch have filed complaints with the IOC (International Olympic Committee). To date the IOC plans to take no action.

So why has Putin decided to take this hard-line stance? Is he that bigoted? Well, probably but that’s not entirely it. Others and I believe it to be more practical than that.

It’s a matter of population, or more to the point, population decline. Russian population has drastically declined since the fall of the Soviet Union. Putin feels this type of pro-hetero policy will turn things around.

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